I went to a cool, small convention here in Jacksonville, FL, called Collective Con. Last year it was held at the fairgrounds, but this year it was held at the Morocco Shrine center. I liked the location (except having to pay for parking). There were seats in the lobby, and a separate lobby for the panel area. The panel room had plenty of space and chairs. The food trucks were outside, and slightly before noon the staff brought out lunch tables and chairs.

Two of the actors from Stranger Things were supposed to attend, but they cancelled. I saw a panel with Margot Kidder, though, and that was very informative. She talked about filming Superman, and what it was like to be an actress starting out in the ’70s. She had been going through a divorce right before she was cast, and she had told her agent she needed work. Then she became Lois Lane!

Superman filmed at the real offices of the Daily News, and she said that one of the cameramen had erroneously thought he’d caused the great New York City blackout. Also during the blackout, they got Rex Reed to do a cameo.

We walked around the vendor area – mostly Pikachu stuff. I found one table selling bath products, in addition to jewelry. I bought two bath bombs and two pairs of earrings that I plan to save as gifts.

Went to a food truck called Elizabeth’s – it was a blend of Asian cuisines. I had chicken pancit, which was noodles and chicken. Very good, though very expensive (over $12, and that wasn’t a combo.)

We stayed about 4 hours, which was more than enough time to see everything. We would have stayed for the Jessica Lucas panel (Gotham), but we needed to get back.

It was worth the $25 we pre-paid, though I’m a little miffed that A. We had to stand in line while non-pre-paid folks didn’t have a line, and B. The people who paid at the door got a discount because Millie canceled, but as far as I know the pre-paid tickets aren’t being partially refunded.

I’ll probably go next year, though I don’t think I’ll pre-pay.

I’m putting some of the pictures I took on my own blog.
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